01. Do you think that one day we will be able to send a manned [rocket] to Venus?
02. My son built a model [rocket] which can be launched up to 350 meters in the air.
03. Over a dozen people are dead, and scores wounded after a [rocket] attack on the rebel camp by forces loyal to the President.
04. Prices for lettuce have [rocketed] in the last couple of weeks due to poor weather conditions in California.
05. The [rocket] exploded into a shower of golden stars, to the screams and cheers of the crowd.
06. The largest part of the [rocket] is used simply to carry the fuel.
07. The shooting star [rocketed] across the sky.
08. Actor Gary Sinise once said that careers, like [rockets], don't always take off on schedule.
09. The missile [rocketed] through the air towards its intended target.
10. She [rocketed] to stardom after her appearance in the award-winning movie.
11. The astronauts became stranded on Mars when their [rocket] broke down soon after landing on the red planet.
12. In April of 2005, a piece of a 31-year-old U.S. [rocket] body collided with a fragment from a more recently launched Chinese [rocket] stage about 530 miles above Earth.
13. Chuck Yeager was the first person to break the sound barrier at age 24 when, on October 14, 1947, he flew a [rocket] at 670 mph in level flight.
14. A manned [rocket] can reach the moon in less time than it took a stagecoach to travel the length of England.
15. France is part of the European Space Agency, which is developing [rockets] to send satellites, and eventually people, into space.
16. On October 7, 1991, the presidential palace in Croatia's capital city of Zagreb was hit by [rockets], in an assassination attempt on the President.
17. The space shuttle goes into orbit like a [rocket], and returns to earth like an aircraft.

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